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ICTs To Empower ASEAN Homeworkers


INTRODUCTION This research is part of a regional research on women homeworkers and their use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) for their work in three countries of South-east Asia – Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. It tries to answer two main questions:- ƒ What are the key gender-specific issues and challenges faced by urban poor women homeworkers in Thailand carrying out home-based work? ƒ How can women homeworkers be empowered by the use of ICTs for economic activities and thus take ownership/control of the management of social networks, information sharing and other activities that enable them to work from home and enjoy the full benefits thereof? In relation to the above questions, the research project, thus, focuses on the following key areas: a) The enabling environment or the contexts, structures and mechanisms supporting women homeworkers and their use of ICTs for work; b) Activities or efforts to address gender issues of urban women homeworkers; and c) Understanding the potential for ICT-Empowered Women Homeworkers


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