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Cinema Literacy and the Development of the "Smart Audience"


Cinema is a popular medium in Thailand. When you speak of cinema, most people think foremost of entertainment; but in fact, cinema plays many other positive roles, including education, informing, persuasion, and building new concepts or values. However, no matter how many other valuable roles cinema may play in society, those roles are usually overshadowed or completely overpowered by cinema’s entertainment role. As a result of that, many educators have tried for decades to provide tools namely media (or cine) literacy to enable people to analyze, evaluate and create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres and forms. The “Cine - Literacy for Health” project was created to allow the general cinema audience to view movies that have informative content about physical, emotional and spiritual health. Adapted from the concept of media literacy and cultural studies, the project has undertaken an experiment on constructive movie watching. The experimental activities cover steps for preparation before watching the movie, during watching the movie and after watching the movie. Each step incorporates a “treatment” to promote cinema literacy. Following the completion of the experiment, the project researchers developed a program for building cinema literacy aimed at turning an ordinary audience into a “smart audience.” Towards the end, the project has also continued efforts to build on this knowledge of cinema literacy so that it can be practically applied at other educational institutions.


Assistance Professor Passwalee Nittikasetsoontorn
Rattikan Jenjad

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Cinema Literacy
Smart Audience
Health Communication



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